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  • The Big Day of 2 Arrives

    The Big Day arrives….The Little Guy turns 2! The bday dinner was tasty. And opening presents was tons of fun. Mom and Smoo thought the gifts were quite grand. And then all these folks sang to the Little Guy… And then – *foooo* – time to blow out all 2 of the candles! After dinner […]

  • The Boy Grows Up

    Time for an update on The Boy, methinks. He is growing up. He likes Matchbox cars. But he is too scared to ride the tractor with Grandpa. …and he doesn’t much like car rides at times, no matter how short the distance. At the neighbor’s tractor show, most of the tractors were too big and […]

  • Out-Of-Towners

    Last week, we had some out-of-towners come visit. Of course, they brought along the little guy who couldn’t resist trying out my grand keyboard. He is going to be quite the musician someday.  I can tell. Then we played a fun drawing game. See what a fun time we had!?  We love having visitors.  =)

  • A Day At the Beach

    After that long wedding day, we needed a day at the beach. See? Standing in heels on narrow stairs all day makes you a little bit looney and beach-hungry. And sometimes it can even rub off on your spouse if you aren’t careful. The beach has a way of making you pretty hungry. There is […]

  • 6 Aug 2010 | Susan & John’s Wedding

    All right now, put on your seat belts!  I’ve got a whole slew of pictures to show off. To view the photos larger, just click on them. Wedding preparations. Here begins the up-do’s, a long and lengthy process. Picture time! Who is that little boy in the mirror? The whole crew. Heather, make us beautiful […]

  • Susan’s Wedding Shower | Oosterbaan side

    Here are the highlights from Oosterbaan side wedding shower for Susan: Heather baked and decorated these amazing cupcakes!  Recognize the color scheme from the wedding? Clever. This is the winning drawing from the “draw Susan’s wedding dress on your head” game. Trying to make something wedding-related out of toilet paper… Still trying… ….aaaaand still trying. […]

  • Who knew balloons could be so fun?

    Remember him? Of course you do. Here’s when he meet Kitty. …and here’s when he entertained himself with a balloon bouquet for an unexpected amount of time. As you can see here, he is utterly erupting with giggles. …and batting his arms with glee. …and chasing the bouquet all across the kitchen. My poor camera […]

  • Meet Bro.

    This is Bro. He is trying to graduate soon.  Did we think he ever would? We weren’t sure. But here’s the proof of his graduation: a cake.  It even has his name, and a year.  It’s this year. He has earned a few skills just in time for graduation…. …like throwing bean bags. …and standing […]

  • A Day at the Zoo

    For Memorial Day, we spent the day at Binder Zoo in Battle Creek.  We had a good time.  Even the steady rain didn’t slow us down! Matt got thirsty. Look at the poor mother prairie dog — “You’d look like too if you just had 5 kids!” Mom LOVES the zoo. A cute couple. Chasing […]

  • Bonfire + Sunday Dinner

    On Saturday, we held a family bonfire… The Little Guy was given a s’more, but he unfortunately did not like it much.  Watch his face in this sequence of photos: Getting ready for Sunday dinner… The whole bunch in a family photo!  A yearly tradition.