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  • Kitty says Music Camp is Fun!

    I made this fun little image to post on my piano studio facebook page.  My students all love Coda the cat and will laugh when they see this.  🙂

  • Window Perch

    Coda found a nice spot to nap.  This window is half-way up the stairs, so she has a good view of the birds/squirrels outside.

  • Coopercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Meet Cooper. He is my parents’ dog, who loves to get himself into lots of trouble. Here, he is smudging his wet nose on my lens.  I had to go indoors to clean it off. Let’s just say he isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch or the sharpest knife in the drawer. He does […]

  • Kitty Wellness

    I bet you’ve been wondering about how the kitties are doing. I won’t make you wonder any longer. Here, Coda is begging for a rolled-up foil wrapper from a Hershey Kiss.  For some reason, she is obsessed with chasing and playing with them.  Whenever she hears the crackle of a foil wrapper, she comes running. […]

  • Butterfly 3

    As promised, here is one more post of butterfly photos taken at Frederick Meijer Gardens. We saw a wonderful variety of butterflies. I love the look of this pink and navy butterfly.  Notice the second butterfly in the background. This butterfly is nearly all black. In this photo, you can see the butterfly’s “tongue!”  (Do […]

  • Butterfly 2

    Here are more butterfly photos, following up on yesterday’s blog post. Today’s blog post features all the same butterfly.  He was staying put so nicely on this flower, so I managed to get quick a few nice shots of him. Getting closer… View from the side… What beautiful little creatures butterflies are! It was so […]

  • Butterfly Cocoons

    The butterflies at the Frederick Meijer Gardens were awesome.  I’m going to start with a few cocoon pictures, first, to build up suspense.  Stay tuned for more butterfly photos tomorrow…

  • Kitty in B&W (5)

    Black-and-white kitty photo #5:

  • Kitty in B&W (4)

    Black-and-white kitty photo #4:

  • Kitty in B&W (3)

    Black-and-white kitty photo #3: