Time for an update on The Boy, methinks.

He is growing up.

He likes Matchbox cars.

But he is too scared to ride the tractor with Grandpa.

…and he doesn’t much like car rides at times, no matter how short the distance.

At the neighbor’s tractor show, most of the tractors were too big and scary to sit on – like this blue monster.

Or this old rusty beast.

Oh, but wait – maybe this is one he can handle.  If Uncle Paul can do it, anybody can!

Yes indeed, this one is a-okay.

But most things are best when sighted from the safety of the umbrella stroller.

Auntie Joy tries to engage The Boy in a tractor revving sound match.  (It doesn’t much work.)

In the safety of the indoors, The Boy discovers that there are large numbers of trucks and tractors inside the barn.  And they are just the right size.

But why can’t I reach them?  Won’t anybody take one down for me?!

Time to go!

It’s back home again we go.

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