6 Aug 2010 | Susan & John’s Wedding

All right now, put on your seat belts!  I’ve got a whole slew of pictures to show off.

To view the photos larger, just click on them.

Wedding preparations.

Here begins the up-do’s, a long and lengthy process.

Picture time!

Who is that little boy in the mirror?

The whole crew. Heather, make us beautiful please!

My turn.

The bride’s turn!

The little guy found other ways to occupy his time.

…like developing his skills at the piano.  Much more worthwhile.

All done up and beautified!

Same with the bride!

Now we’re at the church…which means, time for make-up.

The girls getting ready.

The unity candle.

The programs.

The bouquets.

Really now, Matt? Can’t do without the Mountain Dew?

The bride in full dress and ready for pictures!

Paul smiles coyly from behind his fan.

The parents of the bride look so ready for this.

Chatting before pictures.

The guys attained these beauteous socks during the bachelor party the night before.


The front of church, all decorated.

Jori and Matt with his ever-lopsided grin.

And this couple celebrates their 5th wedding anniversary next week.


Paul takes a nap in the pews.

At Grandpa’s farm to take more pictures.

Waiting for our turn.


Sisters again!

The socks make another appearance.

The girls with the bride.

It was windy.

No, this is not just a random kitty picture. It’s related.  These kitties were found in the barn in front of which the pictures were being taken.  See?

Matt n’ Jori.

Then we went to the dollar store down the street, where Derrick managed to attain for himself his own beauteous bouquet.

Walking along 84th Street.

My hubby took this photo of me. Maybe he should be the one with the camera all the time, not me! haha

Now we are at the reception.

The Elzinga table.

The head table.

*ding ding ding ding ding*

Getting ready to throw the garter.  Apparently, cousin Mark is the next to be married.  We’re looking forward to it, Mark.

What a beautiful wedding!

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