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  • Boston Trip

    I just thought I’d share a few photo highlights from my recent Boston trip. My friend Amy Chaplin (of and I drove well over 10 hours from our respective homes in Indiana and Ohio to receive training in the Piano Certification Course sponsored by the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML). Here is a photo of Amy and I […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 2…continued

    DAY 2 – January 27, continued… We ate lunch at a restaurant called “Mojito’s” that had authentic Puerto Rican food.  I ordered a chicken breast dinner with creole sauce.  Paul ordered the beef mofongo.  This is when we first discovered our newfound love for plantains! Plantains look a lot like bananas except they are green […]

  • Abandoned Schoolhouse

    A geocaching adventure with my mom led us to an abandoned schoolhouse. We tried to read the faded lettering — maybe it says District 2? The inside. Some signs of vandalism. Pretty shot through the window. Doorway to one of the bathrooms. I love these old doors.  Such character. The basement. Crumbling wall.

  • Butterfly 1

    Has the suspense built enough yet?  LOL  🙂 Here are some long-awaited butterfly photos: I love how the light is shining through this butterfly’s wings. I chased this little black n’ pink butterfly for a little while. The wings look pretty both from the side and from the top. ZOOM!  Here comes trouble. Stay tuned […]

  • At The Gardens

    We also had the opportunity to see the butterfly exhibit at the Frederick Meijer Gardens last weekend, with my parents.  Over the next few days, I’m going to share some of the butterfly photos I took! I’m always behind the camera, so it’s rare that I get a photo of me.  But here is one […]

  • Toledo Adventure

    To celebrate Paul’s freedom from schoolwork and grading, we took a little adventure into Toledo earlier this week.  We first visiting a used bookstore that I had heard good things about: It was HUGE inside, and there were lots of great books to browse.  We took a little stack of books home with us. Then, […]

  • Kitty in B&W (2)

    Black-and-white kitty photo #2:

  • Our Little Christmas Tree

    Christmas is almost here! Here is a picture of our little tree:

  • Levitation Photography Attempt

    Ever hear of levitation photography?  I hadn’t either, until I stumbled upon this Japanese girl’s blog.  I don’t know how she does it, but she takes pictures that make it look like she is flying!  Here is an example of a photo she took of herself: Her photos looked so cool, that one afternoon Paul […]

  • Goodbye, D40?

    Guess what happened to my old camera!  I sold it…to my husband!  I probably would have sold it on craigslist, but Paul decided he wanted it.  I’m so glad he does, because now when I want to stop to take pictures, he won’t have to wait for me…we can go on photo shoots together! Part of me […]