Category: What I’m Up To

  • Piano Studio Room Remodel

    Paul & I bought a house.  How exciting! Most of the house has been beautifully updated.  However, we did want to do some updating ourselves to the family room  downstairs, which is going to be my piano studio room. The walls have paneling. And those light fixtures are straight out of the seventies. It is […]

  • Conference Fun

    Last week, I attended the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP) — an awesome conference for piano teachers that takes place in Lombard, Illinois (which is about 30-minutes west of Chicago).  Here is a photo of me with my 3 roommates (including my cousin and a friend from grad school) plus a new friend from […]

  • Music History Camp

    This past week, I held a music history camp for some of my students.  We studied a different period in music history each day, as well as a different composer each day. Five students signed up for this camp — all girls!  They loved talking with each other — and they loved snacktime on the […]

  • Phone Stand

    I found this cute phone stand at a rummage sale last week for $15. They don’t make these things anymore! It’s already been painted nicely, so I just have to recover the cushion. 🙂

  • Music History Camp

    My Music History camp starts today! I think I’m ready for my campers to arrive!

  • Thrifty Scarf

    This morning, I went to an epic rummage sale at a church in Maumee. The basement, main floor, outside, and upstairs had tables and racks of things to browse through, and the prices were rock-bottom low. I got some music books, a couple of composer biographies, this scarf, and some other odds and ends. I […]

  • Piano Teaching Studio Tour

    Today I’m proud to take you on the penny tour… 🙂 My husband and I feel so blessed to have found this adorable old house to rent.  Follow me up the front stairs towards the porch, and you’ll pass this pot of pansies – my favorite!  I bought them on clearance at Wal-Mart for a […]

  • My Piano Purchase

    It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this photo blog, and a lot has happened!  Paul and I graduated with our master’s degrees, and have freshly become Ohioans.  There are a lot of photos I didn’t put up in the meantime but rather than go back and do those, I’m jumping onward to the present.  Here’s […]

  • Best Buds

    Coda found a nice place to rest…and perhaps do a toothpaste commercial too.

  • New Kitty: Coda!

    Paul surprised me with an early Christmas gift yesterday: a new kitty!  She’s black and about 4-5 months old, and her name is Coda.  She’s adorable! Nice to meet you. I am quarantined to the bathroom until I get over my cold, so I don’t give to it Kira. The bathroom is an interesting place… […]