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Wedding Excitement

My brother got married on Friday!  Paul & I had a great time visiting the family this weekend.  I’ll be posting some photo highlights the next few days.  Here’s the first one:  A photo of my nephew enjoying his dinner at the Noel Restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  He was a ring bearer at the wedding.

My Grand Keyboard

Just thought I’d share with you my wonderful new grand keyboard.

I found it on Craigslist for $350.  The guy selling it was from Traverse City, but was willing to meet us in Cadillac.  We hauled the 65-pound thing into Burger King (you should have seen the faces of the employees behind the counter), plugged it in, and I tested out all the keys and the foot pedal.  That’s the first — and probably the last — time I’ve played piano in a fast food restaurant.

Classes started up on Monday.  We are getting into the groove of things.  I’m glad to have this keyboard so I can practice my accompanying repertoire at home in the evenings.  I try to practice my solo repertoire only on the grand pianos on campus.  Better for my technique, you know.

Notice the wonderful set-up in the photo.  Yes, that is the dining room table.  Eventually, I’ll get a stand for it (probably on Craigslist again) and I wouldn’t mind a new pedal eventually too (this one is practically worthless).  But hey, we consider ourselves pretty fortunate: There aren’t many people who can say they have dinner with their keyboard every evening.

The New Apartment.

I know you have been waiting all your life for these pictures.  Well, here they are.

This is the NEW APARTMENT.  We have a spacious LIVING ROOM area.  In the corner is my Music Library.

Did you notice?  The couch has had a makeover.  It now has a lovely brown slipcover.

Oh yes, and the new coffee table.  It’s from the side of the road.  But it was originally from Ikea.

This is the DINING ROOM area.  We eat here, ‘neath the cathedral ceilings.  Wow, those ceilings sure make it feel bigger in here.

This is the KITCHEN area.  It has a DISHWASHER and a GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

And the stove, it’s worth mentioning.  It has THREE small burners and ONE large one, causing me to run all over town looking for drip pans that did not come in packs of two (one small, one large).  Next time, go to Gilroy’s FIRST.

It figures that the hardware store would have what I needed over Wal-Mart and Meijer.

Through the kitchen, there is the LAUNDRY ROOM area.  It has a WASHING MACHINE and a DRYER.  Plus, some shelving for pantry items, and plenty of room for Kitty’s litter box and food/water dishes.

These are the BLUEBERRY MUFFINS I baked yesterday.  They made the whole place smell WONDERFUL.

This is the BATHROOM.  It is a usual sort of bathroom.  However, it is not-so-usual to us, for it is about 3X the size of the bathroom at the old place.  At the old place, you could wash your hair in the sink whist using the toilet, if you felt so inclined.

I did not ever do that, by the way.

*A-hem*  Let us proceed.

This is the balcony, where a lovely potted garden is growing, including Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic, sage, rosemary, a small cherry tree, and a variety of other things.







… and this is the bedroom, which you can’t see right now, because it still has lots of boxes all over yet.

You see, we do not own a dresser at the moment, and so not all of our clothes are unpacked yet.  We are hoping to find a dresser at a garage sale sometime soon.

For now, we are using the dresser I made out of boxes and mailing tape.  I will spare you a picture of my Dresser Of Boxes……for now.

Consider yourself warned.


I am learning a lot about life from my cat.

You know, inspirational life lessons such as, “Always take up the chance to gaze out the window when you can.”

And, “…always look pretty while doing so.”

Best of all, “Always nap by the window ’til your worries float away like butterflies and you are as content as a turtle shell on a turtle’s back.”

Curiosity Almost Killed the Kitty

This is my baby baby grand piano.  And this is my cat.

It is a toy piano.  The black keys are not real.  They are just painted on.

The cat is not a toy.  She is real.

The cat is very curious.  She wants to learn to play the toy piano very badly, but she is easily distracted.

She wants to know how the piano works inside.  She thinks that when I press down a key, a little mouse runs inside the piano and plinks the string.  “How does he know which string to plink?” she wonders.

I try to explain to her how the mechanisms inside the toy piano work, but she likes to believe her Mouse Theory instead.

I am bound and determined to teach this cat how to play the toy piano.

Some of the time, she is a good student.  We are slowly making progress.


Here’s a slideshow for you to enjoy, full of fun, old pictures of when Paul and I were little.  You know, the kind of pictures where we’re sitting in high chairs after dinner — and half of dinner is still on our faces.  The good kind of pictures!  

Commencement is tomorrow!  We are looking forward to wearing those beautiful blue robes with the funny hats.  🙂  

I wish…

I wish I could have gotten this picture today…..

My hubby almost walked out the door this morning wearing two different shoes.  I shouldn’t have said anything…..  hahaha!  It was one white tennis shoe, and one black tennis shoe.  
I wanted to get a picture, but he wouldn’t let me.  :]