Just thought I’d share with you my wonderful new grand keyboard.

I found it on Craigslist for $350.  The guy selling it was from Traverse City, but was willing to meet us in Cadillac.  We hauled the 65-pound thing into Burger King (you should have seen the faces of the employees behind the counter), plugged it in, and I tested out all the keys and the foot pedal.  That’s the first — and probably the last — time I’ve played piano in a fast food restaurant.

Classes started up on Monday.  We are getting into the groove of things.  I’m glad to have this keyboard so I can practice my accompanying repertoire at home in the evenings.  I try to practice my solo repertoire only on the grand pianos on campus.  Better for my technique, you know.

Notice the wonderful set-up in the photo.  Yes, that is the dining room table.  Eventually, I’ll get a stand for it (probably on Craigslist again) and I wouldn’t mind a new pedal eventually too (this one is practically worthless).  But hey, we consider ourselves pretty fortunate: There aren’t many people who can say they have dinner with their keyboard every evening.

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