Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 1

When Paul and I got married five years ago, we started a “Travel” savings account.  We tucked away money here-and-there as we could and we finally decided we were ready to take our first major vacation together.  Last Saturday, Paul and I returned from a week-long vacation in Puerto Rico!  We had a wonderful time.

Paul kept a travel journal and I took plenty of photos (surprise, surprise!).  I thought I would combine the two and publish them on this photoblog.  🙂

DAY 1 – January 26

Our plane arrived in Puerto Rico around 2:30pm.  We had an hour-long layover in Atlanta.  In spite of the snowy weather, we did not encounter any delays.


The taxi driver who drove us from the airport to the hotel liked driving in two lanes at once.  During the drive, he shared with us political/social opinions about the problems on Puerto Rico.

We stayed at the Acacia Boutique Hotel in Condado, San Juan.  We heard the hotel clerks pronounce it, “ah-CAY-shi-ah,” but all of the taxi drivers said “ah-CAH-see-ah.”  🙂


The hotel is a small, locally owned hotel with just 21 rooms.  We loved the Spanish influence evident in the architecture.  Our room wasn’t large but it had a lengthy balcony.  Our hotel was one building away from the beach, so we could see the ocean from the balcony.


After checking into our room, we took a walk and ate dinner at “Rao’s,” which turned out to be an Italian restaurant.  Yes, I know it is lame that our first meal in Puerto Rico was Italian.  But we were hungry and it was the first restaurant we saw to that day!  I ordered a Caprese Salad and Paul ordered a Margarita Pizza.  It was delicious even if it wasn’t Puerto Rican food.

After dinner, we walked along the beach.  The weather was warm and breezy.  We were both very tired from the traveling and waking up at 3am, so we went to bed early.


Our first day wasn’t terribly exciting, but I hope you’ll enjoy hearing about the following days which were much more exciting!  Stay tuned for Day 2.


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