Puerto Rico 2019: Day 7

DAY 7: Saturday, February 2, 2019

For our final day in Puerto Rico, we knew we wanted to catch some more beach time. We brought sandwiches from Kasalta once again.

This doesn’t really get old. 🙂

Before we left for the airport, we took one more selfie at the apartment. Brian and Dottie were such great hosts and vacation companions!

That photo was taken after we discovered Paul’s keys had gone missing…oh no! Our in-depth search of our luggage and the apartment was fruitless. 🙁 They must have fallen out of his backpack at some point early on in the week, and long gone to us. Fortunately, we were able to ask a friend of ours to bring us my set of keys that were safe at home, so we would be able to get into our car back in Detroit!

Goodbye, Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico is a great place to visit. The culture is different enough from the mainland U.S. that it feels a bit exotic, yet, it’s familiar enough to the point where you can get around easily. Many of the locals speak English in addition to Spanish. There’s so much history to experience, great food, beaches, gorgeous weather, and fun excursions such as snorkeling and the rainforest. You can’t go wrong!

Thanks for reading about our trip! Who knows: maybe we’ll be back to Puerto Rico for a third visit after another 5 years go by!


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