Puerto Rico 2019: Day 6

DAY 6: Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday morning, I met up again with Lucia, the piano teacher I connected with via a piano teacher Facebook group. She picked me up and took me to see her home studio.

This is her beautiful home.

Parents of her students often take advantage of this charming waiting area.

And this is her lovely studio space!

I gave Lucia’s daughter a mini piano lesson.

Lucia has exciting plans to eventually expand her studio into a commercial space nearby. It was fun to connect and “talk shop”!

When Lucia dropped me off back at the apartment, I found Paul, Brian, and Dottie raring and ready to head to the beach. Woo hoo! We packed up our things and headed out on foot, stopping at the Kasalta bakery to pick up sandwiches. They had so many great sandwich options, making it not easy to make a choice.

It didn’t take us long to get settled in for an afternoon at the beach!

Paul set up our hammock.

We read books, dozed in the sun, and went for a walk along the ocean. Ah!

Later that evening, Paul and I walked to Degetau Sea Food for some Puerto Rican take out.

We enjoyed our meal back at the apartment, followed by more card games! This time, we played Up And Down The River.

Tomorrow would be our last day in Puerto Rico! Our vacation is winding down.

Stay tuned for Day 7!


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