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  • Fun Around Town

    Last weekend with our visitors, we took a few walks around town, visiting the coffee shop, Ben Franklin store, library, etc. We sat on a bench to drink our coffees, and this is the madness that ensued.  🙂 Dalton had fun being silly by the brick building: Then Lance thought he should join the fun: […]

  • At The Gardens

    We also had the opportunity to see the butterfly exhibit at the Frederick Meijer Gardens last weekend, with my parents.  Over the next few days, I’m going to share some of the butterfly photos I took! I’m always behind the camera, so it’s rare that I get a photo of me.  But here is one […]

  • Easter

    I haven’t added any updates on this blog in a long time!  I’d like to start updating it again. Here are some photos from Easter.  Paul & I visited his family in Ann Arbor.  Below are some photos of Paul’s grandma, and our nephew.  She loved seeing him! Our nephew was being such a little […]

  • Piano Party

    Here’s a photo highlight from a recent get-together with my piano students.  This is Music Jenga.  After pulling a block from the tower, students must define the term or name the music symbol drawn on the block.  🙂

  • Running Boys

    My sister asked me to take photos of my nephews while we were in town visiting, so I did.  Here’s one of my favorites:

  • Wedding Highlights

    Here’s a few more wedding highlights: This is Paul & I at Hagar Park, where the wedding party went for pictures during the afternoon. Here’s the bride and groom: Here are my sisters and my nephews:

  • Wedding Excitement

    My brother got married on Friday!  Paul & I had a great time visiting the family this weekend.  I’ll be posting some photo highlights the next few days.  Here’s the first one:  A photo of my nephew enjoying his dinner at the Noel Restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  He was a ring bearer at the […]

  • Thrifty Scarf

    This morning, I went to an epic rummage sale at a church in Maumee. The basement, main floor, outside, and upstairs had tables and racks of things to browse through, and the prices were rock-bottom low. I got some music books, a couple of composer biographies, this scarf, and some other odds and ends. I […]

  • Thanksgiving 2010

    Thanksgiving 2010 @ the Oosterbaan household: The “cool” table. The “other cool” table. The “cool-est” table. The “not cool” table. The football game. The Mexican Train domino game. The crossword puzzle game. Not surprisingly, Little Lance got passed around quite a bit. He definitely has grown since I’ve seen him last! Cute little pumpkin. We […]

  • The Birthday of Paul

    Paul’s birthday took place on August 14, just like it does every year. Since Paul always cooks the meals for us, I decided that on his birthday I would make lunch for him to give him a break. So, once again I consulted Google in order to find The Best Summer-y Recipes In The World. […]