Fun Around Town

Last weekend with our visitors, we took a few walks around town, visiting the coffee shop, Ben Franklin store, library, etc.


We sat on a bench to drink our coffees, and this is the madness that ensued. ¬†ūüôā Dalton had fun being silly by the brick building:


Then Lance thought he should join the fun:


What silly nephews!

My Life

At The Gardens

We also had the opportunity to see the butterfly exhibit at the Frederick Meijer Gardens last weekend, with my parents. ¬†Over the next few days, I’m going to share some of the butterfly photos I took!


I’m always behind the camera, so it’s rare that I get a photo of me. ¬†But here is one that Paul took while we were at the gardens.


Stay tuned for butterfly pictures tomorrow!



I haven’t added any updates on this blog in a long time! ¬†I’d like to start updating it again.

Here are some photos from Easter. ¬†Paul & I visited his family in Ann Arbor. ¬†Below are some photos of Paul’s grandma, and our nephew. ¬†She loved seeing him!

DSC_20130331_152734Our nephew was being such a little charmer!



Cute little smile! DSC_20130331_151128


Wedding Excitement

My brother got married on Friday! ¬†Paul & I had a great time visiting the family this weekend. ¬†I’ll be posting some photo highlights the next few days. ¬†Here’s the first one: ¬†A photo of my nephew enjoying his dinner at the Noel Restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. ¬†He was a ring bearer at the wedding.

What I'm Up To

Thrifty Scarf

This morning, I went to an epic rummage sale at a church in Maumee. The basement, main floor, outside, and upstairs had tables and racks of things to browse through, and the prices were rock-bottom low. I got some music books, a couple of composer biographies, this scarf, and some other odds and ends.

I love my new scarf. It’s from J. Crew (read: expensive brand) and I paid 50 cents for it!

I blame my family (both sides) for my thrifty genes. I go to Goodwill biweekly (at least) and I’m so thrilled that garage sale season is here!

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Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving 2010 @ the Oosterbaan household:

The “cool” table.

The “other cool” table.

The “cool-est” table.

The “not cool” table.

The football game.

The Mexican Train domino game.

The crossword puzzle game.

Not surprisingly, Little Lance got passed around quite a bit.

He definitely has grown since I’ve seen him last!

Cute little pumpkin.

We have many things to be thankful for. =)

My Life, What I'm Up To

The Birthday of Paul

Paul’s birthday took place on August 14, just like it does every year.

Since Paul always cooks the meals for us, I decided that on his birthday I would make lunch for him to give him a break.

So, once again I consulted Google in order to find The Best Summer-y Recipes In The World.

But first, I made some delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

They took a long time to make, but they were worth it.

These are Paul’s presents, which got opened after we ate all the¬†cinnamon¬†rolls. ¬†This is the lovely little frame I bought him to put in his new GA office in the English building on campus. ¬†(check this out: the English building is called “Anspach.” ¬†You pronounce it “ann-spa.” ¬†Crazy, huh?) ¬†I printed a lovely wedding photo of us to put in the frame, but alas: I¬†accidentally¬†left the print at my mother’s house last time we were there. ¬†And so, I drew my own artwork to put inside the frame as a temporary placeholder. ¬†Yes, those are stick people. ¬†We are pretty skinny after all, you know.

These are Paul’s new chopsticks. ¬†They are metal, just like regular silverware. ¬†They are supposed to be way more sanitary than bamboo chopsticks cuz they clean much easier. ¬†Plus, now we will look dignified whenever we have Paul’s Famous Sushi for dinner.

This is Paul’s new T-shirt. ¬†It is green, unlike 80% of Paul’s other T-shirts which are all either grey or white. ¬†Conveniently, green also happens to be my favorite color. ¬†He looks so happy to be in my favorite color.

I also bought him grey shorts, but I bought the wrong size. ¬†Luckily, Kohl’s has this new kiosk thing in their stores where you can order any size you need online and get free shipping. ¬†So he has a new pair on the way.

This is the veggie / bean salad I made for lunch. ¬†This one turned out to be a bit of a dud. ¬†Yes, that’s right: Google let me down. ¬†Oh well.

This is the Watermelon Cooler I made. ¬†It is basically like a smoothie but without the ice. ¬†I did not follow the recipe’s measurements exactly. ¬†I pureed 1 seedless watermelon in the blender (required two batches), and then added 1 can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate. ¬†Then I refrigerated it overnight with some freshly picked mint leaves (from our jungle-ous balcony) to give it a little zing. ¬†My adjusted recipe yielded about 3/4 gallon. ¬†It was absolutely fantastic! ¬†We will definitely be making this again.

This is the¬†Cheddar¬†Bruschetta I made. ¬†It was also a fabulous hit (thank you Google). ¬†The tomatos are freshly picked romas from our jungle-ous balcony of course. ¬†I’ve never tasted better bruschetta.

I also made some Avocado Ham Sandwiches, but I forgot to take pictures of them. ¬†But it’s okay: you’ve seen one ham sandwich, you’ve seen ’em all. ¬†But I did manage to find some absolutely charming braided-looking bread to make the sandwiches with, by the way.

Thus is the story of the birthday of Paul.