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  • Hocking Hills

    In the early part of this week, Paul & I spent a couple of days in Hocking Hills, Ohio.  There is a state park there with some beautiful areas with hiking trails.  We had a great time during our little getaway! This area is called Old Man’s Cave. The “Lower Falls.” The “Upper Falls.” Paul […]

  • Rose Blossom

    Paul once gave me a rose bush as a gift, a few years back.  I planted it at my parents’ house near the front porch.  Here is a lovely bloom from that bush.

  • Simpson Park 1

    Lately, Paul & I have been trying to take a walk every evening.  One evening last week, we decided to drive to Simpson Park to walk there, instead of walking around the neighborhood blocks like usual. Knowing that there would be lots of flowers there, I naturally took my camera along.  🙂 Here are some […]

  • Butterfly 3

    As promised, here is one more post of butterfly photos taken at Frederick Meijer Gardens. We saw a wonderful variety of butterflies. I love the look of this pink and navy butterfly.  Notice the second butterfly in the background. This butterfly is nearly all black. In this photo, you can see the butterfly’s “tongue!”  (Do […]

  • Butterfly 2

    Here are more butterfly photos, following up on yesterday’s blog post. Today’s blog post features all the same butterfly.  He was staying put so nicely on this flower, so I managed to get quick a few nice shots of him. Getting closer… View from the side… What beautiful little creatures butterflies are! It was so […]

  • Butterfly 1

    Has the suspense built enough yet?  LOL  🙂 Here are some long-awaited butterfly photos: I love how the light is shining through this butterfly’s wings. I chased this little black n’ pink butterfly for a little while. The wings look pretty both from the side and from the top. ZOOM!  Here comes trouble. Stay tuned […]

  • Autumn Grasses

  • Fall Tool

  • Frosty Plant

  • Summer’s End