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Hocking Hills

In the early part of this week, Paul & I spent a couple of days in Hocking Hills, Ohio.  There is a state park there with some beautiful areas with hiking trails.  We had a great time during our little getaway!

This area is called Old Man’s Cave.


The “Lower Falls.”


The “Upper Falls.”


Paul being dramatic.  🙂


This is the “Devil’s Bathtub.”  It really did look like a bathtub!


The water swirls through that “tub” and then continues down through a narrow opening.


This is “Ash Cave.”  It is much bigger than the photos make it look.


Native American used to enjoy hanging out here.  And settlers later made gunpowder here.


This is the little cabin we stayed in.


Quite a few deer visited us at the feeding station outside our window.


It was great to sit in the Jacuzzi after a day of hiking.


It was a one-room cabin other than the bathroom.  So cozy!


The kitchenette.


We had a great time during our little getaway!

Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 5

Here are the last 5 butterfly photos from the Butterfly House in Whitehouse, OH.

This one was very shy, and I didn’t get a very good photo.  I tried to ID him, but I couldn’t without seeing the inside of the wings.


This is a photo of the “Common Rose.”


Once again, it is surprising how different the butterflies look from the inside of the wings compared to underneath!  This is the same butterfly as the last photo, taken from underneath.


This is the “Giant Owl.”


Here is one more shot of the Leopard Lacewing — my favorite I think!


Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 3

Here are 5 more butterflies for you!

I love the bright orange on this guy.  Too bad I couldn’t figure out his name.


I think this is my favorite butterfly photo from the day.  This is the “Leopard Lacewing.”


Believe it or not, but this is the SAME butterfly as above!  The wings sometimes look very different from the top versus underneath.


This one is called the “Great Mormon.”  I loved the shimmery look on his wings.


Here’s one more.  He is a mystery butterfly — I wasn’t able to find him on the chart.


Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 1

On Memorial Day, Paul & I had plans to visit a state park for hiking and a picnic.  Our plans got rained out, however.  After some googling for “indoor things to do in the Toledo Area,” I found out about the Butterfly House at Wheeler Farms in Whitehouse, OH (a 30-minute drive for us).

Yes, yes, I know we just saw butterflies last month at Frederick Meijer Gardens.  But we decided to see more butterflies anyway!

I’m going to show you 5 butterfly photos each day for the next few days.

This one is called a “Clipper.”


The Butterfly House was obviously a smaller operation than Ferderick Meijer Gardens, but the variety of butterflies was just as good!  The smaller room actually made it easier to get close to the butterflies for photos, too.

I’m not sure, but I think this one is called a “Hecale Longwing.”


I took lots photos of this species of butterfly.  It’s sometimes called a “Paper Kite” or “Tree Nymph.”  He is very photogenic:


This pretty brown one is called a “Dero Clearwing,” I think.


Here is the Clipper again, up close:

DSC_20130527_130331More butterflies are coming your way tomorrow!

Simpson Park 1

Lately, Paul & I have been trying to take a walk every evening.  One evening last week, we decided to drive to Simpson Park to walk there, instead of walking around the neighborhood blocks like usual.

Knowing that there would be lots of flowers there, I naturally took my camera along.  🙂

Here are some chives from the herb garden area:


Unknown flower:


Another unknown flower:


Yet another unknown flower:


Let me know if you can ID these mystery flowers!

And stay tuned for more flowers tomorrow.

Butterfly 3

As promised, here is one more post of butterfly photos taken at Frederick Meijer Gardens.

We saw a wonderful variety of butterflies.


I love the look of this pink and navy butterfly.  Notice the second butterfly in the background.


This butterfly is nearly all black.


In this photo, you can see the butterfly’s “tongue!”  (Do butterflies have tongues?)


Breathtaking.  I could probably boost the colors of this photo in photoshop, but I also like the way it looks kind of dreamy SOOC (straight out of camera).


Two in one shot.


And concludes my collection of butterfly photos from our visit to the Frederick Meijer Gardens last month.  Although we didn’t stay there very long, it was well worth the trip in my opinion!