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Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 5

Here are the last 5 butterfly photos from the Butterfly House in Whitehouse, OH.

This one was very shy, and I didn’t get a very good photo.  I tried to ID him, but I couldn’t without seeing the inside of the wings.


This is a photo of the “Common Rose.”


Once again, it is surprising how different the butterflies look from the inside of the wings compared to underneath!  This is the same butterfly as the last photo, taken from underneath.


This is the “Giant Owl.”


Here is one more shot of the Leopard Lacewing — my favorite I think!


Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 3

Here are 5 more butterflies for you!

I love the bright orange on this guy.  Too bad I couldn’t figure out his name.


I think this is my favorite butterfly photo from the day.  This is the “Leopard Lacewing.”


Believe it or not, but this is the SAME butterfly as above!  The wings sometimes look very different from the top versus underneath.


This one is called the “Great Mormon.”  I loved the shimmery look on his wings.


Here’s one more.  He is a mystery butterfly — I wasn’t able to find him on the chart.


Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 1

On Memorial Day, Paul & I had plans to visit a state park for hiking and a picnic.  Our plans got rained out, however.  After some googling for “indoor things to do in the Toledo Area,” I found out about the Butterfly House at Wheeler Farms in Whitehouse, OH (a 30-minute drive for us).

Yes, yes, I know we just saw butterflies last month at Frederick Meijer Gardens.  But we decided to see more butterflies anyway!

I’m going to show you 5 butterfly photos each day for the next few days.

This one is called a “Clipper.”


The Butterfly House was obviously a smaller operation than Ferderick Meijer Gardens, but the variety of butterflies was just as good!  The smaller room actually made it easier to get close to the butterflies for photos, too.

I’m not sure, but I think this one is called a “Hecale Longwing.”


I took lots photos of this species of butterfly.  It’s sometimes called a “Paper Kite” or “Tree Nymph.”  He is very photogenic:


This pretty brown one is called a “Dero Clearwing,” I think.


Here is the Clipper again, up close:

DSC_20130527_130331More butterflies are coming your way tomorrow!