San Antonio 2016 (4/4): Saturday, April 9

Day 4: Saturday, April 9, 2016

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For our last full day in San Antonio, we wandered around the city with only a loose agenda, to see what else we could see.

We started at Market Square to check out the Mexican-influence booths and vendors. I bought a pair of earrings.


We decided to walk away from downtown, towards the east, to check out a small, organic take-out joint called Sweet Yams that had great reviews online. We ordered Po-Boys (chicken sandwich with slaw) and a side of collard greens. The restaurant building didn’t look like much on the outside, but the food was AMAZINGLY tasty.


Back in downtown San Antonio, we stopped at Schilo’s Delicatessen to grab some root beer floats to-go. This German restaurant makes their own root beer and is a favorite spot for locals.


Next, we wandered over to La Villita, the historic area that we visited on our first day. There was a lot more action going today — partly because it was Saturday, but mostly because there was an alternative music festival going on. We bought more dessert: churros!


As part of the music festival, there was live music going all day (and all night) at the Arneson River Theatre — an open-air stage built in 1939.


I love the way the river separates the audience from the stage!


For dinner, we decided to walk to the south again to return to the King William District. On the way to our destination, we walked past a particularly interestingly-named restaurant… 😉


…But we ate our meal at a restaurant called Feast. We ordered barbacoa lettuce wraps, poblano peppers, and grilled lamb belly with whey polenta.


And for dessert: vanilla bean panna cotta with strawberry, pistachio, olive oil, and basil.


Our flight took off early the next morning.

Good thing we walked so much during this trip, because we sure ate well! According to Paul’s FitBit, we walked between 10 and 12 miles each day.

On one of the days, while strolling the riverwalk, I found this odd thing on the sidewalk:


After much googling and then consultation with a friend, we determined that this is an air plant known as Ball Moss! It grows on trees, but doesn’t actually harm the tree.


The roots only serve to attach itself to a surface. The plant gets all of its nutrients from the air. I ended up collecting ten or twelve of these plants over a course of a few days to take home. They are apparently very trendy to grow indoors at your home. (Just enter “air plant” on Google or Pinterest and you’ll see.) I’m excited to give it a try!

We had a great time during our stay in San Antonio. We felt that three-and-a-half days was just the right amount of time to see some main highlights of the city! What a fun trip.

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