Category: Crafty

  • Rosie’s Cozies

    Over the weekend, we got 6 inches of snow.  It truly looks like winter now! Wintertime never fails to give me a hankering for crocheting.  It seems like I always pull my crochet hooks and yarn from the closet this time of year. My favorite things to crochet are hats for preemie babies.  My sister […]

  • Knitty Project

    I finished a different crafty project recently: a knitted cowl.  While I personally prefer crocheting over the knitting, I actually prefer the LOOK of knitting over crocheting.  🙂 Anyway, this project was made from a couple of skeins of yarn that didn’t work for a different project, and I didn’t want all that yarn to […]

  • Preemie Hats Galore

    When the cold starts to hit each Fall, I start to get in the crocheting/knitting mood.  I’ve been making a few preemie hats, lately (when I get a few more, I’ll send them to a hospital in GR that will give them to the preemies that are born there).  The pattern for these hats is […]