Rosie’s Cozies

Over the weekend, we got 6 inches of snow.  It truly looks like winter now!

Wintertime never fails to give me a hankering for crocheting.  It seems like I always pull my crochet hooks and yarn from the closet this time of year.

My favorite things to crochet are hats for preemie babies.  My sister Heather is the one who turned me onto this project.  There is an organization called Rosie’s Cozies that accepts the hats and brings them to a children’s hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The hats are quick and easy to make.  It takes under an hour to crochet the hat (here is the pattern) and also make some kind of flower or decoration to make the hat unique.

Last month, Heather mailed Rose’s Cozies 78 hats that we made over the past year (most of mine were from last winter).


Here is my most recent hat:

photo 1

I often find yarn at Goodwill or various thrift shops.  The yarn I used in this photo came from a great little shop called Scrap4Art.  Fun, fun!


Knitty Project

I finished a different crafty project recently: a knitted cowl.  While I personally prefer crocheting over the knitting, I actually prefer the LOOK of knitting over crocheting.  🙂

Anyway, this project was made from a couple of skeins of yarn that didn’t work for a different project, and I didn’t want all that yarn to go to waste.  I created two rectangle pieces using the two skeins, and then sewed them together to form a circle.  It’s a rather large cowl, but on the plus side it doubles as a hoodie.  🙂



Preemie Hats Galore

When the cold starts to hit each Fall, I start to get in the crocheting/knitting mood.  I’ve been making a few preemie hats, lately (when I get a few more, I’ll send them to a hospital in GR that will give them to the preemies that are born there).  The pattern for these hats is pretty simple.  I find my yarn at Goodwill and other thrift stores.

I can usually whip out a hat in about 45 minutes.  Then, comes the fun part: I can decorate the hat with a bow, flower, or thin stripes.