The Many Faces of The Boy

The Boy is a busy little fellow, always up to something.

He has a Little Bro coming soon.  He seems happy enough about it.

Did you know The Boy can sleep on the floor just dandy in a pinch?

Or be all cozy tucked neatly into bed.  (Thanks, Daddy.)

He can be wide awake and ready to play.

He also can find all sorts of clever things.

He can look oh-so-handsome in his little striped sweater.

And can even disappear when Uncle Paul gets mean and scary.

The Boy knows how to play Rummicube with Mommy.

He even can ride the big doggy in just a diaper.

He can look suave and charming whenever is needed.

…and even debonaire, when the time so calls…

……or even intelligent, in order to charm the ladies.

Best of all, he can climb all the stairs and then go bumpity-bump.

Oh the marvelous things The Boy can do!

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