Tag: Photography

  • My Niece, Almost 4 Months Old

    We visited my family in GR last weekend. I had fun taking some photos of my little niece, Quinn. I think she is adorable, but I might be a little biased. 🙂  

  • Goodbye, D40?

    Guess what happened to my old camera!  I sold it…to my husband!  I probably would have sold it on craigslist, but Paul decided he wanted it.  I’m so glad he does, because now when I want to stop to take pictures, he won’t have to wait for me…we can go on photo shoots together! Part of me […]

  • Camera Love

    I have been saving birthday/Christmas money for quite awhile now, and finally saved enough to upgrade my camera! My trusty Nikon D40 is being replaced much the much newer D7000. Here us a peek at my new gadget: