Sun + Icicles = :D

I caught some pictures today of the sunshine coming through the icicles hanging from the house.  They were so sparkly….as my husband put it, they almost looked fake.  They were that good.  See for yourself.  

These are all original, unedited shots.  It’s not easy to capture such sights with a camera.  Trust me, it was gorgeous!  

Just Added: flower shots

This just in:  new, close-up flower shots taken.  

As a surprise, my darling hubby took me to the greenhouse on campus to photograph flowers …and what a blast.  Here are some highlights:
Pictures are all unedited.  Comments & suggestions welcome.  

From Flowers 1/24/09

Thank you hubby, for the surprise “field trip.”  😀


dreaming of kites in the middle of a snowstorm

“I’m dreaming of a rainbow kite, 

just like the ones I used to know………”

Christmas is over, but the snowstorms sure aren’t.  I’ve got at least 12 inches of white stuff piled up outside my place.  It’s a pain to drive in, but it sure is pretty.  

Anyway, on a snowyful day like today, I’m dreaming of sun, green grass, birds, and KITES.  

girl with kite >  BEFORE   

girl with kite >  AFTER    I first made the picture black and white.  Then I restored the kite’s color.  Cool!  

These photos brought a little color to my white, bright world today.  

first attempts at photoshop

since I’m a newbie at photoshop, i followed tutorials that i found online to modify a few of my pictures.  here are the results of my efforts:

smiling couple >  BEFORE

smiling couple >  AFTER   the sun on their faces was a big problem…not sure if I was very successful at fixing that.  I faded the colors to give it a vintage, hand-tinted look.  Lastly, I cropped the photo to zoom in and center the couple.  

not too bad for a first try at photoshop!  more to come.