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  • My Niece, Almost 4 Months Old

    We visited my family in GR last weekend. I had fun taking some photos of my little niece, Quinn. I think she is adorable, but I might be a little biased. 🙂  

  • Easter 2015

  • Fun in Dundee

    Last weekend, we spent a couple of days with my family in Dundee at the Splash Universe indoor waterpark.  It was quite the waterpark!  Mom & Susan enjoy the slides. After getting pizza at a little shop in downtown Dundee, Uncle Paul gave the nephews each a dollar for the “play to win” machine. Then […]

  • Wedding Shower

    I went to a wedding shower for Paul’s cousin last weekend.  It turned out to be a very nice event! This little one was anxious to see the presents get opened! Paul’s cousin received a lot of very nice gifts.       She loved all the bows from the gifts. She was allowed to […]

  • Fridge Artwork

    Our visiters from last week are long gone, but they left behind some beautiful artwork for us to enjoy!

  • Fossil Finding

    There is a park near Toledo where you can find and take home fossils.  We thought this might be something my nephews might enjoy, so we visited there with our visitors last week. This employee proudly showed off his fossil collection to us. Then we started some digging ourselves. We did manage to find a […]

  • Fun Around Town

    Last weekend with our visitors, we took a few walks around town, visiting the coffee shop, Ben Franklin store, library, etc. We sat on a bench to drink our coffees, and this is the madness that ensued.  🙂 Dalton had fun being silly by the brick building: Then Lance thought he should join the fun: […]

  • Fun at the Imagination Station

    On the Fourth of July, we visited the Imagination Station — the science museum for kids where Paul now has a job. Here, Dalton mimics the image on the window from the Grossology exhibit. Playing Operation! Lance LOVED the play area where he could dress up as a firefighter. I think Dalton liked the grocery […]

  • A Day at the Community Pool

    My sister, brother-in-law, and two nephews came down to visit us for a few days last week.  On Wednesday, we visited the newly re-built community pool. Family photo! Brothers. Playing in the Sprayground area: Enjoying the Lazy River. Notice that little Lance is sleeping in my sister’s arms. We had perfect weather for a day […]

  • June Fun

    Here are some photos from another family gathering in June, celebrating a couple of birthdays in the family. Uncle Paul smiles; Nephew looks on. Tyler liked the sound of my camera shutter!   This is what we had instead of birthday cake.  Yum! Paul took this photo. The boyz.   Grandma put Tyler in a […]