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Snow + Sand

Here’s photographic record of another exciting adventure my hubby and I went on.  We headed to the beach a few Saturdays ago.  There’s still an awful lot of ice and snow, mixed with the sand.  We were able to walk out onto the lake/ice…cool!  It was chilly, but we managed to get our photos anyway.  

My husband used the squegee at the gas station to clean the windshield…so I could take pics through the windows.  
Sand mixed with snow.
It was chilly!
From Beach 2009 02

Cooooold water.  

From Beach 2009 02

Silly husband-y.  So silly.  

From Beach 2009 02

My hubby, posing with a lovely piece of driftwood.  

From Beach 2009 02


Sun + Icicles = :D

I caught some pictures today of the sunshine coming through the icicles hanging from the house.  They were so sparkly….as my husband put it, they almost looked fake.  They were that good.  See for yourself.  

These are all original, unedited shots.  It’s not easy to capture such sights with a camera.  Trust me, it was gorgeous!