My Life

“Childhood Favorites” Recital

On campus, we held a fun little “Childhood Favorites” Recital as a collegiate chapter Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) event.

Here is the piano.

Paul helps with set-up and demonstrates his wild piano-playing abilities (or lack thereof).

The performers look ready!

This piano grad student starts things off with “Little Indian Lance,” complete with a feather band.

Next, I serenaded the crowd with “Holiday Parade.”

Other performers followed with hits like “Clowns,” “Minuet in G,” “Malaguena,” and more.

Loretta & I then played “C.S. Theme and Variations”….what a riot!

And the piano professors rounded things off with a lovely Fauré duet.


Project for School

For my World Music class, my professor assigned us to work in groups and do a fieldwork project, observing about a specific musical group and writing about the way music functions in our community. So my group and I observed a local dance group, called All For One. It’s an volunteer-based organization that provides inexpensive dance classes to kids to provide them a way to experience culture, stay fit, and have fun in a safe, constructive environment.

From Random Pics 2009

We first observed a Mexican Folklorico dance class. The students wore their “practice skirts” and “character shoes”, which are along the same lines of a tap dance shoe.

From Random Pics 2009

Then we observed a Hip-Hop dance class. This was a less structured, less disciplined class — but still intense. The kids really looked like they were having fun!

From Random Pics 2009

It was a fun subject to choose! We will be researching the history of each kind of dance and its corresponding musical style, and writing up a five-page paper. Then we’ll be presenting our findings to the class in a few weeks. Fun, fun, fun!