dreaming of kites in the middle of a snowstorm

“I’m dreaming of a rainbow kite, 

just like the ones I used to know………”

Christmas is over, but the snowstorms sure aren’t.  I’ve got at least 12 inches of white stuff piled up outside my place.  It’s a pain to drive in, but it sure is pretty.  

Anyway, on a snowyful day like today, I’m dreaming of sun, green grass, birds, and KITES.  

girl with kite >  BEFORE   

girl with kite >  AFTER    I first made the picture black and white.  Then I restored the kite’s color.  Cool!  

These photos brought a little color to my white, bright world today.  

first attempts at photoshop

since I’m a newbie at photoshop, i followed tutorials that i found online to modify a few of my pictures.  here are the results of my efforts:

smiling couple >  BEFORE

smiling couple >  AFTER   the sun on their faces was a big problem…not sure if I was very successful at fixing that.  I faded the colors to give it a vintage, hand-tinted look.  Lastly, I cropped the photo to zoom in and center the couple.  

not too bad for a first try at photoshop!  more to come.