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Fiascos of the Feline

Just thought I oughta post an update on the feline.  She’s doing fine.  Great, in fact.

She loves this computer chair.

Just hangin’ out.

One day, she discovered this piece of tissue paper from one of Paul’s bday presents.  Oh, what fun!

Hiding underneath, hee hee.

Lying on top is pretty enjoyable too.

Whew!  All this excitement makes me tired.

Time for a nap, don’t ya think?

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Curiosity Almost Killed the Kitty

This is my baby baby grand piano.  And this is my cat.

It is a toy piano.  The black keys are not real.  They are just painted on.

The cat is not a toy.  She is real.

The cat is very curious.  She wants to learn to play the toy piano very badly, but she is easily distracted.

She wants to know how the piano works inside.  She thinks that when I press down a key, a little mouse runs inside the piano and plinks the string.  “How does he know which string to plink?” she wonders.

I try to explain to her how the mechanisms inside the toy piano work, but she likes to believe her Mouse Theory instead.

I am bound and determined to teach this cat how to play the toy piano.

Some of the time, she is a good student.  We are slowly making progress.