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  • Bonfire + Sunday Dinner

    On Saturday, we held a family bonfire… The Little Guy was given a s’more, but he unfortunately did not like it much.  Watch his face in this sequence of photos: Getting ready for Sunday dinner… The whole bunch in a family photo!  A yearly tradition.

  • The boy, he runs.

    We went to the Relay for Life event in Cascade on Friday evening, with Heather, Derrick, and Dalton. Heather cut hair — this girl donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love. Paul & I watched The Little Guy while Heather cut hair. The boy loves to run. Love the little raincoat and boots. […]

  • Easter Sunday

    The fam all came over to my mom’s house for Easter dinner… From Random Pics 2009 Here’s my little nephew in his nice Easter Sunday clothes.   From Random Pics 2009 Daddy is so good at making him smile! From Random Pics 2009 From Random Pics 2009 My hubby had his nose in a book…he […]

  • Little Ones

    Little ones bring so much joy to the family, don’t they?? Check out this particular bringer of joy: From Random Pics 2009 From Random Pics 2009 What we won’t do to make them smile…. From Random Pics 2009 What a charmer. From Random Pics 2009 Soooo cute! From Random Pics 2009 Look at those cute […]

  • Little Ones and all things Cute

    Ahhh, cuteness.  Things furry, things tiny, things lovable.   Here’s some real cuteness for you:   Asleep in Carseat >  BEFORE Asleep in Carseat >  AFTER   I softened the picture, except around the face.  Then I darkened the corners and edges to minimize any distracting elements.   A carseat of cuteness!  What could be better?? […]