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A Day At the Beach

After that long wedding day, we needed a day at the beach.

See? Standing in heels on narrow stairs all day makes you a little bit looney and beach-hungry.

And sometimes it can even rub off on your spouse if you aren’t careful.

The beach has a way of making you pretty hungry.

There is lots to explore at the beach. Like cement benches.

And long shorelines.

Gotta love those little swimpants.

Parenting lesson: This is what you do when your kid won’t stop running off while you are waiting for the girls to get out of the bathroom.  Bonus: The Kid may actually likes it.

Now back to the ole’ easy chair.


Snow + Sand

Here’s photographic record of another exciting adventure my hubby and I went on.  We headed to the beach a few Saturdays ago.  There’s still an awful lot of ice and snow, mixed with the sand.  We were able to walk out onto the lake/ice…cool!  It was chilly, but we managed to get our photos anyway.  

My husband used the squegee at the gas station to clean the windshield…so I could take pics through the windows.  
Sand mixed with snow.
It was chilly!
From Beach 2009 02

Cooooold water.  

From Beach 2009 02

Silly husband-y.  So silly.  

From Beach 2009 02

My hubby, posing with a lovely piece of driftwood.  

From Beach 2009 02