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  • Boston Trip

    I just thought I’d share a few photo highlights from my recent Boston trip. My friend Amy Chaplin (of PianoPantry.com) and I drove well over 10 hours from our respective homes in Indiana and Ohio to receive training in the Piano Certification Course sponsored by the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML). Here is a photo of Amy and I […]

  • Fossil Finding

    There is a park near Toledo where you can find and take home fossils.  We thought this might be something my nephews might enjoy, so we visited there with our visitors last week. This employee proudly showed off his fossil collection to us. Then we started some digging ourselves. We did manage to find a […]

  • Fun at the Imagination Station

    On the Fourth of July, we visited the Imagination Station — the science museum for kids where Paul now has a job. Here, Dalton mimics the image on the window from the Grossology exhibit. Playing Operation! Lance LOVED the play area where he could dress up as a firefighter. I think Dalton liked the grocery […]

  • Carousel Ride

    Our adventure at the carousel at the Grand Rapids Public Museum: Having fun! Paul picked the reindeer.  Experimenting with a long shutter speed on my camera: It’s been a long time since I was last on a carousel!

  • February Fun

    I found some fun photos from February.  Paul & I went with Mom & Dad to see the Titanic exhibit at the GR Public Museum. The Titanic exhibit was awesome.  Photos weren’t allowed in that area, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. We saw quite of few of the regular exhibits, […]

  • Toledo Adventure

    To celebrate Paul’s freedom from schoolwork and grading, we took a little adventure into Toledo earlier this week.  We first visiting a used bookstore that I had heard good things about: It was HUGE inside, and there were lots of great books to browse.  We took a little stack of books home with us. Then, […]