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  • Easter

    I haven’t added any updates on this blog in a long time!  I’d like to start updating it again. Here are some photos from Easter.  Paul & I visited his family in Ann Arbor.  Below are some photos of Paul’s grandma, and our nephew.  She loved seeing him! Our nephew was being such a little […]

  • Pickles

    Who knew pickles could be this fun?!

  • K’zoo Adventures

    Thanksgiving weekend, we went with these people… …to visit this girl at work. We enjoyed a hot drinks and a little breakfast before going thrift store shopping in K’zoo.

  • Thankful Tree

    Here is a picture of the Thankful Tree we made on Thanksgiving.  On the slips of paper, we wrote things that we are thankful for, and then slipped them on the branches.  This served as our table centerpiece — and a reminder to be thankful for the many blessings in our lives!

  • Just for Laughs

    A funky edit, just for fun:

  • The Other One

    My other nephew is growing up so fast!

  • One More Face

    Another funny shot of my nephew:

  • Many Faces

    The many faces of my nephew:

  • Awaiting

    On Paul’s side of the family, there is a baby on the way.  🙂

  • Geocaching Adventures

    We had visitors last weekend, and we got a couple geocaching while we were out and about. This one had a pulley system rigged in a tree!