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  • Boston Trip

    I just thought I’d share a few photo highlights from my recent Boston trip. My friend Amy Chaplin (of and I drove well over 10 hours from our respective homes in Indiana and Ohio to receive training in the Piano Certification Course sponsored by the Gordon Institute of Music Learning (GIML). Here is a photo of Amy and I […]

  • 2016 Studio Recital

    Although my studio recital was back in March, I’m only just now getting around to organizing and posting all of the photos that the photographer took for me. Below is my favorite group shot from the day! To see more photos, click here.

  • Piano Studio

    I moved around the furniture in my studio this weekend.  I’m liking the new arrangement.  Now when student arrive early, they can get warmed up on the keyboard before their lessons.

  • Piano Studio Room Remodel

    Paul & I bought a house.  How exciting! Most of the house has been beautifully updated.  However, we did want to do some updating ourselves to the family room  downstairs, which is going to be my piano studio room. The walls have paneling. And those light fixtures are straight out of the seventies. It is […]

  • Kitty says Music Camp is Fun!

    I made this fun little image to post on my piano studio facebook page.  My students all love Coda the cat and will laugh when they see this.  🙂

  • Music of the World camp

    Last week, I held my third and final summer music camp for my students.  This one was called the “Music of the World” camp.  My goal for this camp was for my students to realize and appreciate how different the rest of the world is from our own American culture through experiencing the culture and […]

  • Conference Fun

    Last week, I attended the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy (NCKP) — an awesome conference for piano teachers that takes place in Lombard, Illinois (which is about 30-minutes west of Chicago).  Here is a photo of me with my 3 roommates (including my cousin and a friend from grad school) plus a new friend from […]

  • Music History Camp

    This past week, I held a music history camp for some of my students.  We studied a different period in music history each day, as well as a different composer each day. Five students signed up for this camp — all girls!  They loved talking with each other — and they loved snacktime on the […]

  • Christmas Music

    Last Saturday, a few of my students performed Christmas pieces for a local church’s “Come To The Stable” event, a display of nativity sets.  It was a nice performance opportunity for them! 

  • Yummy Weekend

    Take a peek at what I was busy doing this weekend: