Category: Food

  • Green Smoothies

    Perhaps you’ve heard of the trendy Vitamix machine, a high-performance blender costing around $600? This is not a Vitamix: However, our trusty Oester blender does an alright job making green smoothies.  Green smoothies are kind of a trendy thing right now, too, right along with the Vitamix — but much more affordable.  Our regular blender […]

  • Sushi Making

    Paul made sushi for dinner last week.  These rolls contain cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, and tofu.  Yum!

  • Toledo Adventure

    To celebrate Paul’s freedom from schoolwork and grading, we took a little adventure into Toledo earlier this week.  We first visiting a used bookstore that I had heard good things about: It was HUGE inside, and there were lots of great books to browse.  We took a little stack of books home with us. Then, […]

  • Yummy Weekend

    Take a peek at what I was busy doing this weekend:

  • Chop Chop

    Here’s a photo from a date night with my hubby over the weekend. We went to The China, where they have the best Chinese food and they play classical music on the background. Here is a photo of me mastering the art of chopsticks.

  • IKEA Love

    I love ikea. Not only do they have lots of cool house stuff, but they have these amazing little cookies. 🙂

  • Pretzel Tying

    At Aldi, I found tubes of pretzel dough recently, and thought it would be a fun treat. It took me a few tries to get the pretzel tying right, but once I got it, it was easy! Yum.

  • Korean Food

    I went to a Korean restaurant with a couple of piano teachers. I never had Korean food before, but let me tell you — it was delicious!

  • Cider Weather

    It’s the perfect weather for hot cider. Ahhhh.

  • Sweet Break

    I haven’t posted any pictures lately, I know. I took a couple weeks off from teaching piano, and this week I’m back in the swing of things! Paul made his famous creme brûlée for dessert for us to enjoy the other day. Is your mouth watering yet?