Piano Studio Room Remodel

Paul & I bought a house.  How exciting!

Most of the house has been beautifully updated.  However, we did want to do some updating ourselves to the family room  downstairs, which is going to be my piano studio room.

DSC_20140518_092402 web

The walls have paneling.

DSC_20140518_092707 web

And those light fixtures are straight out of the seventies.

DSC_20140518_092714 web

It is a nice, large room for my studio, though!

DSC_20140518_092722 web

Love the fireplace.  The tile flooring is nice, too.  Lots of potential.

DSC_20140518_092828 web

The doors lead to this patio which is under the deck.

DSC_20140518_092842 web

This weekend, my mom and sister (plus her two boys) drove down to help us paint the room.  Here is a photo of the room with a coat of primer and the trim painting white.

DSC_20140524_084637 web

Notice my new light fixtures?  And the three paint samples on the wall?  We decided to go with the top paint sample. We ended up removing the mantelpiece over the fireplace.  The wall around the fireplace will be painted blue to create an accent wall.

DSC_20140524_084803 web

Here is a photo of the room with a coat of the light gray on the walls.  It’s coming together!

DSC_20140524_133254 web

My sister and I, proud of our handiwork!  The paint job and the new light fixtures really brighten up the room.  Can’t wait to get my piano in here.

DSC_20140524_152905 web

Later, I’ll try to share photos of the rest of the house.

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