Month: February 2014


    January 31 – Day 6 Day 6 was our last full day in Puerto Rico! It was also the only day that we woke up early in the morning.  We wanted to see the sun rise over the ocean.  It actually wasn’t as spectacular as we had hoped, but I did get a couple of […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 5

    DAY 5 – January 30 Paul and I enjoyed a relaxing beach day for Day 5.  I didn’t take many photos that day because I didn’t want to take my camera near the sand. On Days 1-4, the weather had been consistently warm (in the 80’s) and breezy.  On Day 5, the weather was much […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 4

    DAY 4 – January 29 On Day 4, we rented a car and drove over an hour to the El Yunque National Forest.  El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest System. The roads within the National forest are narrow, curvy, and hilly.  At various points along the way, there are […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 3

    DAY 3 – January 28 On Day 3, we returned to Old San Juan by taxi.  This time, we spent more time walking around, enjoying the architecture and stopping into some little shops. Some of the streets of Old San Juan still have the old, original cobblestone. When trade ships from Europe came to Puerto […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 2…continued

    DAY 2 – January 27, continued… We ate lunch at a restaurant called “Mojito’s” that had authentic Puerto Rican food.  I ordered a chicken breast dinner with creole sauce.  Paul ordered the beef mofongo.  This is when we first discovered our newfound love for plantains! Plantains look a lot like bananas except they are green […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 2

    DAY 2 – January 27 Trivia:  Puerto Rico is a commonweath of the United States.  Puerto Ricans can vote in the presidential primaries but not in the general elections.  The currency is the U.S. dollar and the primary language is Spanish, although English is frequently used.  San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. Day […]

  • Travel Journal: Puerto Rico DAY 1

    When Paul and I got married five years ago, we started a “Travel” savings account.  We tucked away money here-and-there as we could and we finally decided we were ready to take our first major vacation together.  Last Saturday, Paul and I returned from a week-long vacation in Puerto Rico!  We had a wonderful time. […]