Perhaps you’ve heard of the trendy Vitamix machine, a high-performance blender costing around $600?

This is not a Vitamix:


However, our trusty Oester blender does an alright job making green smoothies.  Green smoothies are kind of a trendy thing right now, too, right along with the Vitamix — but much more affordable.  Our regular blender does not make as smooth of a smoothie as a Vitamix would, but it is certainly satisfactory.

A green smoothie is basically a fruit smoothie that also has some kind of greens added, such as spinach or kale.  Does it sound disgusting?  Well, it’s not!  Paul has been experimenting with various recipes online and we have been enjoying green smoothies for lunch alongside a sandwich.  It’s yummy, and it is also an easy way to get a greater variety of fruits and veggies in your diet.

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