Butterfly House in Whitehouse – 1

On Memorial Day, Paul & I had plans to visit a state park for hiking and a picnic.  Our plans got rained out, however.  After some googling for “indoor things to do in the Toledo Area,” I found out about the Butterfly House at Wheeler Farms in Whitehouse, OH (a 30-minute drive for us).

Yes, yes, I know we just saw butterflies last month at Frederick Meijer Gardens.  But we decided to see more butterflies anyway!

I’m going to show you 5 butterfly photos each day for the next few days.

This one is called a “Clipper.”


The Butterfly House was obviously a smaller operation than Ferderick Meijer Gardens, but the variety of butterflies was just as good!  The smaller room actually made it easier to get close to the butterflies for photos, too.

I’m not sure, but I think this one is called a “Hecale Longwing.”


I took lots photos of this species of butterfly.  It’s sometimes called a “Paper Kite” or “Tree Nymph.”  He is very photogenic:


This pretty brown one is called a “Dero Clearwing,” I think.


Here is the Clipper again, up close:

DSC_20130527_130331More butterflies are coming your way tomorrow!


Simpson Park 1

Lately, Paul & I have been trying to take a walk every evening.  One evening last week, we decided to drive to Simpson Park to walk there, instead of walking around the neighborhood blocks like usual.

Knowing that there would be lots of flowers there, I naturally took my camera along.  🙂

Here are some chives from the herb garden area:


Unknown flower:


Another unknown flower:


Yet another unknown flower:


Let me know if you can ID these mystery flowers!

And stay tuned for more flowers tomorrow.


May 13 & 14 Happenings – Part 2

On Day 2, we took a trip down to Findlay (30 minutes south of Bowling Green) for some more geocaching.

This was a fun find behind a local church.  The giveaway was the wire that did not go anywhere.  🙂


This was a pretty spot in Findlay.


…but we did not manage to find the geocache here despite all our looking!


This geocache brought us to the top of a parking ramp!


Another pretty spot in Findlay, at a local park.


The best part about geocaching is that it brings you to beautiful nature spots or historical areas that you wouldn’t otherwise find!

Come back again soon, Mom & Dad.


May 13 & 14 Happenings

On May 13 and 14, my Mom & Dad came down for a little visit.

On Day 1, we drove out the Grand Rapids (Ohio) to do some geo-caching and check out some of the local shops.

We made a detour to this little spot north of Grand Rapids to find a few geocaches.  This spot was a little, old canal off the north side of the Maumee River.




Getting to this geocache was treacherous!  We had to carefully walk across a fallen tree over a little ditch.


Grand Rapids is an old canal town, south of the Maumee River.  The town has made a wonderful little park area alongside the canal (you can see the canal in the background behind my dad).


And here is a view of the Maumee River!




This is the inside of a used bookshop.


The little shops in Grand Rapids have lots of character!


Stay tuned for our adventures on Day 2 tomorrow.


Kitty Wellness

I bet you’ve been wondering about how the kitties are doing.

I won’t make you wonder any longer.


Here, Coda is begging for a rolled-up foil wrapper from a Hershey Kiss.  For some reason, she is obsessed with chasing and playing with them.  Whenever she hears the crackle of a foil wrapper, she comes running.


Patiently waiting…


As you can see, the kitties are well.


February Fun

I found some fun photos from February.  Paul & I went with Mom & Dad to see the Titanic exhibit at the GR Public Museum.


The Titanic exhibit was awesome.  Photos weren’t allowed in that area, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


We saw quite of few of the regular exhibits, too.


And in conjunction with the Titanic exhibit, they also had an exhibit going about sunken ships in various lakes (particularly the Great Lakes).  It was pretty interesting.  Paul enjoyed playing this interactive game:


In the stuffed animal area, Mom almost got bit by this possum. haha.


We walked through the furniture section…


And the old Grand Rapids town area…


Dad tries out the old-fashioned bicycle…DSC_20130223_112034

Getting tickets at the train station…


Boarding the trolley…


Admiring the whale skeleton from below. DSC_20130223_112529

We also managed to catch a free ride on the carousel   More pics about that tomorrow!



Green Smoothies

Perhaps you’ve heard of the trendy Vitamix machine, a high-performance blender costing around $600?

This is not a Vitamix:


However, our trusty Oester blender does an alright job making green smoothies.  Green smoothies are kind of a trendy thing right now, too, right along with the Vitamix — but much more affordable.  Our regular blender does not make as smooth of a smoothie as a Vitamix would, but it is certainly satisfactory.

A green smoothie is basically a fruit smoothie that also has some kind of greens added, such as spinach or kale.  Does it sound disgusting?  Well, it’s not!  Paul has been experimenting with various recipes online and we have been enjoying green smoothies for lunch alongside a sandwich.  It’s yummy, and it is also an easy way to get a greater variety of fruits and veggies in your diet.