Monthly Archives: December 2012

Toledo Adventure

To celebrate Paul’s freedom from schoolwork and grading, we took a little adventure into Toledo earlier this week.  We first visiting a used bookstore that I had heard good things about:


It was HUGE inside, and there were lots of great books to browse.  We took a little stack of books home with us.


Then, we went for lunch at a Korean restaurant.  The food was DELICIOUS.


It was fun to get out-of-town and do something fun and different!

Kitty in B&W (1)

My new camera has the option of taking black-and-white photos in-camera, versus doing the conversion later in the computer.  It’s awesome!  To show off some of the luscious black-and-whites I’ve been taking, I am going to do a 5-day series here on the blog featuring my kitties (haha!).

Here is #1: