Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Other Kitty

Kira (our grey kitty) is often featured on this blog, and not so much our other kitty, Coda!  Why the bias?  Photos of Coda often turn out poorly.  Her fur is so dark that you sometimes cannot make out any of her features in the photo, other than her glowing eyeballs!

Fortunately, my new camera is much better at showing contrast even in the dark areas of a photo.  You will probably be seeing much more of Coda from now on.  🙂

Goodbye, D40?

Guess what happened to my old camera!  I sold it…to my husband!  I probably would have sold it on craigslist, but Paul decided he wanted it.  I’m so glad he does, because now when I want to stop to take pictures, he won’t have to wait for me…we can go on photo shoots together!

Part of me is sad that I won’t be using my trusty D40 much anymore.  It was a surprise Christmas gift from my hubby back in 2008.  The real gift though, of course, was being able to get into photography as a hobby — not just the camera itself.  The D40 was a great camera to learn on, and I’m glad it will still get plenty of use as I move on to the fancier D7000.

Just look at that focused, furrowed brow…

Cat Eyes

It’s time to share a photo taken with my new camera!  I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring the new settings and getting used to the new placement of the buttons.  The best thing about this camera so far is the fact that it allows me to take photos in much lower light (when I use the settings correctly, of course) than my previous camera did.  I am very much a “natural light” photographer — I don’t like the look of flash!

Here is a nice, soft photo of Kira, showing off her lovely eyes.