Month: October 2012

  • Symphony Visit

    I took my Homeschool Music Class on a little field trip to the symphony on Wednesday. What fun!

  • Chop Chop

    Here’s a photo from a date night with my hubby over the weekend. We went to The China, where they have the best Chinese food and they play classical music on the background. Here is a photo of me mastering the art of chopsticks.

  • Rainbow Windchime

    Here is a fun little project Heather & I did recently: we each made a windchime out of an old glockenspiel!  (In case you are wondering, technically a xylophone has wooden bars and a glockenspiel has metal bars.  They are often confused.)  I blogged about more of the details here at my other blog about […]

  • Cativore

    This photo speaks for itself.  haha!

  • Piano Party

    Here’s a photo highlight from a recent get-together with my piano students.  This is Music Jenga.  After pulling a block from the tower, students must define the term or name the music symbol drawn on the block.  🙂

  • Kira Cuddles

    Sometimes, Kira is the nicest little cuddling creature. She is a nice buddy to have around as you are working on the computer!

  • IKEA Love

    I love ikea. Not only do they have lots of cool house stuff, but they have these amazing little cookies. 🙂

  • Pretzel Tying

    At Aldi, I found tubes of pretzel dough recently, and thought it would be a fun treat. It took me a few tries to get the pretzel tying right, but once I got it, it was easy! Yum.

  • Phone Stand

    I found this cute phone stand at a rummage sale last week for $15. They don’t make these things anymore! It’s already been painted nicely, so I just have to recover the cushion. 🙂

  • Would You Like a Mustache with Those Sunglasses

    A fun shopping discovery.