Month: July 2012

  • Baking Stone DIY

    Here is a DIY project my hubby has been up to.  He wanted a baking stone, but they cost upwards of $50. So, he bought this unglazed tile at Home Depot for $13 instead.  Since it was too big for our oven, he had to cut it down using a hammer and the chisel pictured […]

  • Glowingly Ripe

    I have a knack for choosing melons. Or, at least, I’m on a three-time winning streak.  Two good honeydews followed by this watermelon, as sweet as can be. Yum.

  • Memory Music

    As my family knows, I have a weakness for musical instruments at thrift stores.  🙂  Here’s one of my finds that will take you down memory lane.

  • A Cat’s Life

    Before: After: *YAWN!*  

  • Farmer’s Market Delight

    Our local farmer’s market is every Wednesday evening. We’ve been getting fresh veggies almost every week (potatoes, summer squash, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.). I just love zucchini and summer squash, fried up in a little butter!

  • Studio Mascot

    Coda loves being around when I am teaching piano. 🙂

  • Oven Dogs

    Contrary to popular belief, I do cook on occasion…just to give Paul a break. Here, I made up my own recipe: Spread pineapple chunks and little smokies on a cookie sheet. Drizzle barbecue sauce over everything. Bake in the oven 15-20 minutes or until the barbecue sauce begins to caramelize. Then, enjoy!

  • Cute Cat Picture

    Need I say more?!

  • Butterfly Lovelyness

    This little friend visited us the other day, and kindly landed on the bushes along our driveway so I could snap a photo.  

  • Garden Update

    I haven’t shared a garden photo lately. Our tomatoes are doing remarkably well!  Compare this to this photo from about 4 weeks ago. We’ve eaten one tomato so far, which put in our chicken fettuccine alfredo one evening. With this hot weather, I think we are in for a lot more where that one came […]