Wedding Excitement

My brother got married on Friday!  Paul & I had a great time visiting the family this weekend.  I’ll be posting some photo highlights the next few days.  Here’s the first one:  A photo of my nephew enjoying his dinner at the Noel Restaurant for the rehearsal dinner.  He was a ring bearer at the wedding.


To Garden, To Garden

Last Saturday, we spent the day in Ann Arbor. We went out for lunch with Paul’s family, then went to a cool shop called Hollander’s. Paul is going to take a summer class called Bookmaking, and he needed to purchase some supplies. The store has big sheets of beautiful paper of every color, texture, and design. (I should have taken some pictures there!).

After Hollander’s, we went to Paul’s cousin’s greenhouse to get some flowers and vegetable plants. Because we’re family, we’re eligible for the family discount. :). I found some pansies to put in a few pots by the front and side doors. We also got tomato and pepper plants, and some leaf lettuce…and marigolds to plant around the veggie plants to keep the bunnies away. We see lots of rabbits around our house.



Music in the Manor

Today, I attended a meeting of the Toledo Piano Teachers Association. It was our last meeting of the year, which traditionally is held at the Wildwood Metropark’s Manor House. The manor is a big, beautiful house built in the 1930’s by the Stranahans, a wealthy family who owned the Champion Spark Plug Company. The Stranahan family eventually gave the house with all its gardens and wooded land to the city to make it into the park it is today. The manor is open for tours or can be rented for various events — such as our TPTA meeting. Instead of a presentation about piano teaching, our last meeting of the year features a performance of some kind. Today, we heard the Gesalt Trio, a group of young musicians from the Cleveland Institute of Music. The pianist was a student of a couple of our organization’s teachers as she was growing up. Here’s the room where the performance took place:


The other rooms I peeked into look just as beautiful. I’d like to come back another time for a full look at the whole house and the gardens! (Psssst — Mom, we need to see if there are any geocaches around here!)


Making Birdie Friends

This is the bird feeder Paul gave me for Christmas.  It’s hanging outside our side door, and the birds are finally starting to come around to the new feeder in the neighborhood! We’ve been seeing cardinals, finches, and sparrows mostly so far. The cats love watching the birds from the kitchen window.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll manage to get a bird in a photo.


What I'm Up To

Thrifty Scarf

This morning, I went to an epic rummage sale at a church in Maumee. The basement, main floor, outside, and upstairs had tables and racks of things to browse through, and the prices were rock-bottom low. I got some music books, a couple of composer biographies, this scarf, and some other odds and ends.

I love my new scarf. It’s from J. Crew (read: expensive brand) and I paid 50 cents for it!

I blame my family (both sides) for my thrifty genes. I go to Goodwill biweekly (at least) and I’m so thrilled that garage sale season is here!