Pansy Delight

I was surprised to find these two little pansy plants in our lawn recently! Last year, I had pansies in a pot by the side door, and I guess somehow the seeds spread to produce these two little plants this year!? I’m not sure how else they got there… In any case, I moved them to the flower bed so they don’t get mowed.


My Life


Paul is taking a summer class right now: Bookmaking! He won a scholarship a couple of months ago, and one of the requirements is that he “gets to” (read: must) take a 3-credit summer class. So, he decided to look at the art classes being offered and choose bookmaking. It’s a two-week course that meets from 9am to 4 or 5pm.

In a previous post, I talked about our recent daytrip to Ann Arbor to get paper and supplies at Hollander’s. All those supplies are getting put to good use!

Here’s Paul hard at work after class working on an assignment:


My Life

Picnic in the Park

Paul and I had a picnic in the park tonight. We had a light dinner of pepperoni cheese bread with cheese n crackers. The sun was so warming and beautiful. The city park has swimming pools, golf, a kids play area, a few pavilions, and lots of nice shade trees. We really should come here more often!

This is a beautiful stone pavilion in the park, complete with a fireplace.