New nephew: Lance Gavin!

A new nephew was born 10.19.10 at 6:22pm!  He was 8 lbs 8ozs and 21 inches long.

There he is!

…and his precious piggy-toes.

The light is awfully bright.

Big yawn!

There are those eyes!

Chillin’ with Uncle Matt.

Eating my fists.

Lance LOVES Auntie Joy.

AWWWWW how precious.

So tired.

Such little hands.

Fast asleep.

Those are true piano-playing fingers. I can tell already.

Still sleeping.

What does Big Brother think of New Little One?

He likes him alright…except when he has to share Grandma.

Brotherly love.

Just peekin’ out the window.

My Life

“Childhood Favorites” Recital

On campus, we held a fun little “Childhood Favorites” Recital as a collegiate chapter Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) event.

Here is the piano.

Paul helps with set-up and demonstrates his wild piano-playing abilities (or lack thereof).

The performers look ready!

This piano grad student starts things off with “Little Indian Lance,” complete with a feather band.

Next, I serenaded the crowd with “Holiday Parade.”

Other performers followed with hits like “Clowns,” “Minuet in G,” “Malaguena,” and more.

Loretta & I then played “C.S. Theme and Variations”….what a riot!

And the piano professors rounded things off with a lovely Fauré duet.

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The Big Day of 2 Arrives

The Big Day arrives….The Little Guy turns 2!

The bday dinner was tasty.

And opening presents was tons of fun.

Mom and Smoo thought the gifts were quite grand.

And then all these folks sang to the Little Guy…

And then – *foooo* – time to blow out all 2 of the candles!

After dinner was time for some outdoor activities.

…namely, volleyball!  Look at that preggo go!!

This is an intense game of v-ball, I can tell.


If you stick out your tongue, as so properly demonstrated by MattHew here, it really helps with getting that ball over to the other side of the net.  Try it sometime.  You’ll see.

The Little Guy prepares to send a mean spike sailing over the net to the opposing team.  Birthday Boys always win!

My Life

Early One Morning

Early one glorious morning of sleep, my hubby and I were awakened with a huge nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrairrrrrrrr.


And then it happened again: nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrairrrrrrrr.

What is that?

*gasp*  It’s a bird….

nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrairrrrrrrr. It’s a plane?

nerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrairrrrrrrr. Why yes, it’s MR. CROPDUSTER!

Well, I got the loud little bugger on camera….now what am I doing out here on the balcony?  I’m think it’s time to go back to bed.


The Many Faces of The Boy

The Boy is a busy little fellow, always up to something.

He has a Little Bro coming soon.  He seems happy enough about it.

Did you know The Boy can sleep on the floor just dandy in a pinch?

Or be all cozy tucked neatly into bed.  (Thanks, Daddy.)

He can be wide awake and ready to play.

He also can find all sorts of clever things.

He can look oh-so-handsome in his little striped sweater.

And can even disappear when Uncle Paul gets mean and scary.

The Boy knows how to play Rummicube with Mommy.

He even can ride the big doggy in just a diaper.

He can look suave and charming whenever is needed.

…and even debonaire, when the time so calls…

……or even intelligent, in order to charm the ladies.

Best of all, he can climb all the stairs and then go bumpity-bump.

Oh the marvelous things The Boy can do!

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The Boy Grows Up

Time for an update on The Boy, methinks.

He is growing up.

He likes Matchbox cars.

But he is too scared to ride the tractor with Grandpa.

…and he doesn’t much like car rides at times, no matter how short the distance.

At the neighbor’s tractor show, most of the tractors were too big and scary to sit on – like this blue monster.

Or this old rusty beast.

Oh, but wait – maybe this is one he can handle.  If Uncle Paul can do it, anybody can!

Yes indeed, this one is a-okay.

But most things are best when sighted from the safety of the umbrella stroller.

Auntie Joy tries to engage The Boy in a tractor revving sound match.  (It doesn’t much work.)

In the safety of the indoors, The Boy discovers that there are large numbers of trucks and tractors inside the barn.  And they are just the right size.

But why can’t I reach them?  Won’t anybody take one down for me?!

Time to go!

It’s back home again we go.

My Life

The Winemaker

The hubby has started another fun project.


These pictures of of his first completed batch: a tasty Riesling!

The batch made a total of 30 bottles.

Let us know if you’d like to try some!

These pictures were taken before he created the cool labels, unfortunately.  I will have to post more pictures later I guess.  =)