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Fiascos of the Feline

Just thought I oughta post an update on the feline.  She’s doing fine.  Great, in fact.

She loves this computer chair.

Just hangin’ out.

One day, she discovered this piece of tissue paper from one of Paul’s bday presents.  Oh, what fun!

Hiding underneath, hee hee.

Lying on top is pretty enjoyable too.

Whew!  All this excitement makes me tired.

Time for a nap, don’t ya think?

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My Grand Keyboard

Just thought I’d share with you my wonderful new grand keyboard.

I found it on Craigslist for $350.  The guy selling it was from Traverse City, but was willing to meet us in Cadillac.  We hauled the 65-pound thing into Burger King (you should have seen the faces of the employees behind the counter), plugged it in, and I tested out all the keys and the foot pedal.  That’s the first — and probably the last — time I’ve played piano in a fast food restaurant.

Classes started up on Monday.  We are getting into the groove of things.  I’m glad to have this keyboard so I can practice my accompanying repertoire at home in the evenings.  I try to practice my solo repertoire only on the grand pianos on campus.  Better for my technique, you know.

Notice the wonderful set-up in the photo.  Yes, that is the dining room table.  Eventually, I’ll get a stand for it (probably on Craigslist again) and I wouldn’t mind a new pedal eventually too (this one is practically worthless).  But hey, we consider ourselves pretty fortunate: There aren’t many people who can say they have dinner with their keyboard every evening.

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The Birthday of Paul

Paul’s birthday took place on August 14, just like it does every year.

Since Paul always cooks the meals for us, I decided that on his birthday I would make lunch for him to give him a break.

So, once again I consulted Google in order to find The Best Summer-y Recipes In The World.

But first, I made some delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

They took a long time to make, but they were worth it.

These are Paul’s presents, which got opened after we ate all the cinnamon rolls.  This is the lovely little frame I bought him to put in his new GA office in the English building on campus.  (check this out: the English building is called “Anspach.”  You pronounce it “ann-spa.”  Crazy, huh?)  I printed a lovely wedding photo of us to put in the frame, but alas: I accidentally left the print at my mother’s house last time we were there.  And so, I drew my own artwork to put inside the frame as a temporary placeholder.  Yes, those are stick people.  We are pretty skinny after all, you know.

These are Paul’s new chopsticks.  They are metal, just like regular silverware.  They are supposed to be way more sanitary than bamboo chopsticks cuz they clean much easier.  Plus, now we will look dignified whenever we have Paul’s Famous Sushi for dinner.

This is Paul’s new T-shirt.  It is green, unlike 80% of Paul’s other T-shirts which are all either grey or white.  Conveniently, green also happens to be my favorite color.  He looks so happy to be in my favorite color.

I also bought him grey shorts, but I bought the wrong size.  Luckily, Kohl’s has this new kiosk thing in their stores where you can order any size you need online and get free shipping.  So he has a new pair on the way.

This is the veggie / bean salad I made for lunch.  This one turned out to be a bit of a dud.  Yes, that’s right: Google let me down.  Oh well.

This is the Watermelon Cooler I made.  It is basically like a smoothie but without the ice.  I did not follow the recipe’s measurements exactly.  I pureed 1 seedless watermelon in the blender (required two batches), and then added 1 can of frozen pink lemonade concentrate.  Then I refrigerated it overnight with some freshly picked mint leaves (from our jungle-ous balcony) to give it a little zing.  My adjusted recipe yielded about 3/4 gallon.  It was absolutely fantastic!  We will definitely be making this again.

This is the Cheddar Bruschetta I made.  It was also a fabulous hit (thank you Google).  The tomatos are freshly picked romas from our jungle-ous balcony of course.  I’ve never tasted better bruschetta.

I also made some Avocado Ham Sandwiches, but I forgot to take pictures of them.  But it’s okay: you’ve seen one ham sandwich, you’ve seen ’em all.  But I did manage to find some absolutely charming braided-looking bread to make the sandwiches with, by the way.

Thus is the story of the birthday of Paul.

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A Day At the Beach

After that long wedding day, we needed a day at the beach.

See? Standing in heels on narrow stairs all day makes you a little bit looney and beach-hungry.

And sometimes it can even rub off on your spouse if you aren’t careful.

The beach has a way of making you pretty hungry.

There is lots to explore at the beach. Like cement benches.

And long shorelines.

Gotta love those little swimpants.

Parenting lesson: This is what you do when your kid won’t stop running off while you are waiting for the girls to get out of the bathroom.  Bonus: The Kid may actually likes it.

Now back to the ole’ easy chair.


Susan’s Wedding Shower | Oosterbaan side

Here are the highlights from Oosterbaan side wedding shower for Susan:

Heather baked and decorated these amazing cupcakes!  Recognize the color scheme from the wedding? Clever.

This is the winning drawing from the “draw Susan’s wedding dress on your head” game.

Trying to make something wedding-related out of toilet paper…

Still trying…

….aaaaand still trying.

Ooooo, dominos!

Smiles from all!

What a nice shower.