Month: June 2010

  • The New Apartment.

    I know you have been waiting all your life for these pictures.  Well, here they are. This is the NEW APARTMENT.  We have a spacious LIVING ROOM area.  In the corner is my Music Library. Did you notice?  The couch has had a makeover.  It now has a lovely brown slipcover. Oh yes, and the […]

  • Kitty-spirations.

    I am learning a lot about life from my cat. You know, inspirational life lessons such as, “Always take up the chance to gaze out the window when you can.” And, “…always look pretty while doing so.” Best of all, “Always nap by the window ’til your worries float away like butterflies and you are […]

  • Who knew balloons could be so fun?

    Remember him? Of course you do. Here’s when he meet Kitty. …and here’s when he entertained himself with a balloon bouquet for an unexpected amount of time. As you can see here, he is utterly erupting with giggles. …and batting his arms with glee. …and chasing the bouquet all across the kitchen. My poor camera […]

  • Meet Bro.

    This is Bro. He is trying to graduate soon.  Did we think he ever would? We weren’t sure. But here’s the proof of his graduation: a cake.  It even has his name, and a year.  It’s this year. He has earned a few skills just in time for graduation…. …like throwing bean bags. …and standing […]

  • Curiosity Almost Killed the Kitty

    This is my baby baby grand piano.  And this is my cat. It is a toy piano.  The black keys are not real.  They are just painted on. The cat is not a toy.  She is real. The cat is very curious.  She wants to learn to play the toy piano very badly, but she […]

  • The Most Amazing-est Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World

    The other day, I baked The Most Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World. Oddly enough, being in this new beautiful kitchen in our new beautiful apartment caused me to get a hankering to do some baking.  But I knew I couldn’t make just ANY chocolate chip cookies.  I had to make The Best In […]

  • A Day at the Zoo

    For Memorial Day, we spent the day at Binder Zoo in Battle Creek.  We had a good time.  Even the steady rain didn’t slow us down! Matt got thirsty. Look at the poor mother prairie dog — “You’d look like too if you just had 5 kids!” Mom LOVES the zoo. A cute couple. Chasing […]

  • The Balcony at the New Apartment

    Here’s a peek at the new apartment…we have a lovely little balcony!  The handrail has a long planter, so I bought some pansies to give it a splash of color. We have some other plants out there too.  These are basil seedlings. The rest of the apartment still has lots of boxes everywhere yet.  =) […]

  • Bonfire + Sunday Dinner

    On Saturday, we held a family bonfire… The Little Guy was given a s’more, but he unfortunately did not like it much.  Watch his face in this sequence of photos: Getting ready for Sunday dinner… The whole bunch in a family photo!  A yearly tradition.

  • The boy, he runs.

    We went to the Relay for Life event in Cascade on Friday evening, with Heather, Derrick, and Dalton. Heather cut hair — this girl donated 10 inches of hair to Locks of Love. Paul & I watched The Little Guy while Heather cut hair. The boy loves to run. Love the little raincoat and boots. […]