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Our New Kitty!

There’s been an addition to the family………

Isn't she sweet?

We now have a little kitty!  We rescued her from the streets.  Yes, really!  Here’s the story:

Joy was at a little Mexican restaurant with a couple of friends one evening.  As she gets ready to leave, she hears a loud MEOW-ing coming from her car.  At first, she thought she was hearing things, but she wasn’t: there was a little kitty hanging out under her car behind the front tire.  Joy and her friends coaxed the kitty out from under the car, but it went into the bushes in front of the restaurant.  The poor thing was obviously pretty hungry, and we felt bad for the loud little kitty.  So we all tried to coax the kitty out of the bushes.  It finally decided to come out, and walked right up to Joy!  Joy picked it up.  No, it was not some nasty, mangy stray cat that she picked up.  It was a young, clean kitty that was obviously quite lost and hungry.  Her friends tried to come up with musical names for the cat.  She felt really bad for the cat, but wasn’t sure what Paul would think if she came home with a kitty.  She decided to chance it.

Paul was rather surprised when Joy came home with a hungry, skinny kitty that evening.  But the kitty soon found a way into his heart, and Paul was even more set upon keeping the kitty than Joy was!

Joy and Paul made a quick run to Meijer with the kitty locked at home in the bathroom, to buy food and a litter box.  And Paul couldn’t resist buying the kitty a little toy to play with.

And so, this is the story of how the kitty came to be.  We’ve been thinking about getting a kitty for awhile, and then this one came along!  We are still thinking about names, although we are getting tons of suggestions via facebook.

You know what they say about how owning a pet is supposed to lower your stress rate?  I totally think it’s true.

More pictures: