Monthly Archives: October 2009

September blooms

Susan and John came to visit for a day, and we went to Dow Gardens.  Paul & I have been there once before, back in June for my bday, but we were happy to visit again and see what flowers were blooming this time.

For more blooming goodness, watch or click on the slideshow below.

Also in September….

September also marked the first birthday celebration of my nephew, Dalton!  We held a lovely outdoor party for him.  Here’s some highlights:

You’d think that he’d be happy and smiling at his own bday party, but no…..he was pretty hungry at this point.  😀

Now he’s much happier!

Click the slideshow below to see the whole album:

September Happenings

The spare bedroom in our apartment is slowly getting into shape — the boxes are finally mostly gone.  My music books are all unpacked, organized by genre, and alphabetized by composer.  Beautiful, huh?

And we helped Kurt & Jacklyn get moved into their new house.  We helped paint too.

A few weeks later, we were in GR for the weekend, and I took pictures for Matt and a couple people from church, for their Senior Photos.  Those will be posted shortly.

The whole fam went mini-golfing at Strikers that weekend, which was a blast!   Those pictures are here for you to see in the slideshow below (or click to view to album).  Enjoy!