Month: April 2009

  • I wish…

    I wish I could have gotten this picture today….. My hubby almost walked out the door this morning wearing two different shoes.  I shouldn’t have said anything…..  hahaha!  It was one white tennis shoe, and one black tennis shoe.   I wanted to get a picture, but he wouldn’t let me.  :]  

  • My piano student….

    Congrats to my student, E.W., who won the 3-part Invention division of the local Bach Competition earlier this year.  Last Sunday afternoon she performed in the winners recital.  It was her first entry in a piano competition, and she played fabulously!   From Random Pics 2009

  • Spring is a time of new life!

    My grandpa has some new lambs, born just over the last couple weeks!   From Random Pics 2009 This lamb is already a few weeks old.  Notice he still has his tail?!  Too cute!  

  • After-Easter Lilies

    I love Easter lilies. They’re just plain beautiful. From Random Pics 2009

  • Project for School

    For my World Music class, my professor assigned us to work in groups and do a fieldwork project, observing about a specific musical group and writing about the way music functions in our community. So my group and I observed a local dance group, called All For One. It’s an volunteer-based organization that provides inexpensive […]

  • African Violets

    Here’s an update from the last time I took pictures of Mom’s African violets…  They seem to be doing well!   From Random Pics 2009 I absolutely LOVE this color. From Random Pics 2009 From Random Pics 2009 I love African violets.  They hold special meaning to me because they remind me of my great-grandma, […]

  • Easter Sunday

    The fam all came over to my mom’s house for Easter dinner… From Random Pics 2009 Here’s my little nephew in his nice Easter Sunday clothes.   From Random Pics 2009 Daddy is so good at making him smile! From Random Pics 2009 From Random Pics 2009 My hubby had his nose in a book…he […]

  • grrrr, harddrive

    Sorry I haven’t updated recently…the harddrive on my laptop is full, so I haven’t been able to load my pictures from my camera!  🙁  I have been clearing off files/software that I don’t use anymore, and have managed to clear off 5gb.  I’ll be blogging again soon….

  • Student Composition Recital

    On Friday, April 3, a Student Composition Recital was held at my college.  Two of my pieces were performed!   From Random Pics 2009 Here’s my horn solo with French horn accompaniment… From Random Pics 2009 And here’s my ensemble piece, featuring flute, clarinet, horn, violin, cello, and piano.   From Random Pics 2009 My […]

  • I found this helpful post on another blog, called Just Plain Joy.  In her post, the author (incidentally, her name matches mine) gives step-by-step instructions for her system of organizing her pictures on her hard drive.  I recently sorted all my pictures in a similar manner, and have found it much more convenient!   The only problem […]